The Royal Bronze - EP


20th Anniversary Release


About twenty years ago, I was in the middle of dealing with my father's death. His death sent me into an internal struggle for identity as well as started me on my downward path with alcohol. During this hectic time, I was extremely reckless, but I was also delving deep into my darkness and recording music.


I had decided that I was going to pursue my musical identity and I set out to learn how to record music. I had been making beats for years, but when my father died, I was dead set on using my inheritance to purchase gear and recording software. I had no clue what I was doing, but with the aid of some books (YouTube was not what it is now), I had managed to develop an understanding of how to record with limited gear and maximum effort. I was putting it together how I could with what I had.

Equipped with a brand new KORG Triton ProX (I got the big one for the weighted keys), a cheap Fender Squier, an Ibanez Bass, and a cheap Shure microphone, I was plugging into the new Avid Digi 001 and running the Protools LE software.


I spent time with the gear and software, learning. I put together countless beats for practice while working on my poetry and studying the great songwriters I had decided to emulate. I was developing my craft, the process of song creation as it pertained to me. I wanted to write good songs, but I also wanted them to be different. It was a very creative time for me. I was trying to turn this traumatic experience into direction. I was trying to make sense of life.


So, I decided to go back to school. I needed to follow some sort of path. A degree seemed to be the appropriate solution, and I had a lot of support for heading in that direction. And, I did well. I almost made straight A's both semesters of the 2004 schoolyear at San Jose City College in pursuit of my AA.


And this, is where things began to head for the dark side. I met a girl. Or should I say, a girl found me there among my studies. She stopped me in the cafeteria. No joke. She stuck out her hand and introduced herself. She told me I was handsome, and that was that. She was crazy hot, and I was mad for her instantly. It was wild. I knew it was danger, and I let it happen anyway. She was intoxicating. It was magnificent. I fell for her all the way.I didn't realize that she was a total alcoholic and was prone to blackouts. I don't know how many of our nights she actually remembered the next day. Over the course of 4 months, I had told her I loved her. She had a kid already, but that didn't matter to me. I would have been awesome for him. But out of nowhere, in the middle of this love affair (I thought), she does a complete 180. She ends it. Her reason: I was too into her and she wasn't looking for something so serious. I was destroyed. Not only was she done with me, but she became a completly different person. She demanded that I stop going to the same bars and clubs, and everywhere we ran into each other, mad shade ensued. It was childish. It made me crazy.


I was crazy depressed. I was writing poetry like a madman, and then music.


Enter: the royal bronze-EP.


At the time, I was listening to David Bowie, Prince, the Smiths. The Mars Volta had just released Deloused in the Comatorium. It was a good time for music. I began putting tracks together.


It was a concept album. The Royal Bronze on high falls from the heavens after the betrayal of his only love. She steals his heart and burns down the world he knew. He must make a new way. It was a story about persona. 7 tracks of pre-emo emo. The production is mediocre. I had no idea what mixing was. I did my balance by ear. But, the songs are good. They are catchy, and each one is different and unique. I am really proud of it, and I think it stands up 20 years later. Please enjoy them on the FM Sound page. Thanks for listening. More to come soon!!!